Design meets music

Designers Charlie Drinkwater and Mario Urban. Photo: Pernille Sommer

In partnership with BDF, Vill Vill Vest and OK Kontor, we invited everyone interested in music, design and having a good time, to OK Kontor the last night of the Design Festival. Exciting talks from Island Records designer: Charlie Drinkwater and Rafael Eish from Vibbefanger made this an eventful night.

Publisert 06.10.2017

The office was filled up from floor to window frame with people of all ages – from teenagers to retro’s, all interested in how design builds strong brands in the music industry.


Charlie Drinkwater, creative manager at Island records, shared some of the work behind Sigrids visual profile, from outfits to colours and fonts.


Rafael Eish, art director of the music collective Vibbefanger, and band member of HesterV75, showed us different artist profiles, made by local designers. They also have a really cool webpage, you should check it out:


Also, have a listen to one of the artists in Vibbefangers stable, Fieh. She’s a catch, which we testified being in the audience: “What! Is Fieh in Vibbefanger?!” So just press here!


Thanks to BDF, Villvillvest and OK Kontor for a great event!